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Join the “Karma Club”

The Karma Club is a community of people that perform Planned Acts of Kindness. Membership is 100% free, so become a member today & start changing the world one PAK at a time!

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Planned Acts of Kindness ... Making the world a better place one PAK at a time

Today’s Daily PAK!

Karma Club members wake up to a new PAK everyday that s/he can perform for family, friends, pets, co-workers, community or planet. Get your PAKs on-line through our website or our new PAK App coming soon!

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Take the PAK Pledge

“I hereby make a PAK to treat others with respect & kindness and to go through life from this day forward acting towards others as I would wish to be treated myself.”

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Today’s the day to transform our future

Call or email the President and tell him you want him to establish August as “National Kids’ Month!” / 202-456-1111


Contact the White House
Help establish August as National Kids Month

Social Responsibility:  Us, You & The Planet

There is a crisis in this country and it effects you, me and everyone regardless of our education, income, race, religion or country of origin.

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Multi-ethnic multi-generation group of people from young children to 95 years old.

People of all ages are not being properly educated on essential life skills that are critical to our well-being:  Subjects like financial literacy and planning; health, nutrition and wellness; communication and literacy; and, the importance of social responsibility and volunteerism.

On the financial front, the gap isn’t between the rich and the poor — it’s between the rich and the middle class — and it’s getting wider and wider.

The solutions aren’t being provided by our schools, the companies we work for, Wall Street, banks or the government, because they all make money from our lack of knowledge.

16 Things strives to bring together real world solutions to many of life’s problems, and transform the lives individuals, families and the community.

We invite you to join us on our Mission:  Get Involved. Get Informed. Get Going!

Your Next Step …

Life is too short for us to simply spend it chasing a paycheck and a few weeks of vacation time. Get in the habit of giving to others & see the difference it can make in your own life. Join the Karma Club today & see how our NPO’s programs can transform the future tomorrow…

The Time To Act Is Now!
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