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WANTED: Volunteers
To Change The World!

​Critical Problems:

Watch the news, listen to the radio, read a newspaper or just have a serious conversation with a family member, friend or associate, and it won’t take you long to know that we are confronted by a whole host of problems on a constant basis: Income inequality, racial divides, climate change, terrorism, war, poverty, lack of quality education, cost of goods and services, health issues, environmental issues, education issues … the list goes on and on and on.

Critical Needs:

It’s obvious that these problems won’t fix themselves, and we can’t wait around for our political, business and education “leaders” to fix them either. When it really comes to it, we can be the best source of change in the country (and in the world) if we work together to make things happen.



“16 Things” Volunteer Activities

• Create a PSA in support of our Petition Drive to have the President Declare August “National Kid’s Month!” and Post on our Facebook and YouTube Pages

• Create a “16 Things Social Responsibility Club” in your school (current or former), community, organization or business

• Can you say Telethon? Good! Let’s get it set up.

• Help create Scholarships for kids to have “Better Communication & Literacy” Workshops

• Learn to give 16 Things Education & Empowerment Workshops in Schools, Churches/Temples, NPOs, Agencies & Businesses

• Create Content for “16 Things” Shows including: ​
“16 Things TV Magazine”
“Cooking with Kids!”
“Celebrity Quest!” ​​

• Help with fund-raising, donations and/or sponsorships

• Do outreach and share our programs with people of influence: from students to educators; from politicians to business people; from clergy to coaches; and athletes, musicians, writers

• Help spread the word about our 16 Things Book Series …

• Come up with your own idea(s) and pitch us!

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