Living the Life Proactive

Living the Life Proactive

Comments, Motivations, Experiences, Thoughts and Objectives from 16 Things Founder & Executive Director, Lyle Benjamin.

A Message from Executive Director, Lyle Benjamin

Over the past eight years as I developed and grew our organization from simply an idea into a series of books,programs, workshops and activities, I have been blessed with meeting and working with truly wonderful andamazing people: From students to educators; to parents, politicians, pastors and people; to non-profit activiststo business leaders.

Now, on the brink of expanding our programs to benefit a much larger population, our journey is really just beginning.

And, based on the enthusiastic support we get whenever we share our programs, it’s gratifying to knowthat we are on the right path at the right time … for everyone regardless of age, background, education, income, race, nationality,gender or religion.

Our mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities, and with your support we will succeed.


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