KC Objective #3: Volunteering

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Planned Acts of Kindness


There are four objectives that people work to complete each month as members of the Karma Club:

Monthly Objectives:

  1. PAKS: Completing Your Daily PAKs
  2. MEMBERSHIP: Creating Awareness & Adding New Members
  3. VOLUNTEERING: Volunteering Your Time to Work on 16 Things Social Responsibility Programs
  4. DONATIONS: Getting Donations of Funds, Services or Products to Help Support Outreach Programs

Right now, you’re reading about Objective #3:  Volunteering.  That’s great.  But what’s even better is that when you do monthly objectives #2 and #4, you can also accomplish your volunteering objective at the same time.  It’s called Double Dipping, and you’ll love it.


WHO:  Outreach is at the heart of everything we do … If we aren’t sharing we aren’t able to help.  It’s that simple.

Follow our 5 x 5 Program:
Choose one, two, three, four or five groups of people and organizations.

5 Groups of People: Students, Employees, Owners, Retirees & The Unemployed.
5 Types of Organizations: Schools, Churches/Temples, Non-Profit Organizations, Agencies & Businesses.

HOW:  Let people know about your participation in the program, and that you’d like them to take a look too.  If they like, they can share with their network … If they really like the program, they can join!

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* Interview/Article:   School Paper, Church/Temple Bulletin, Organization/Agency/Company Newsletter, Blog, Podcast, Newspaper, Magazine

* Use the PAK Press Release.  May include interview with PAK founder & 16 Things Executive Director, Lyle Benjamin.

Please Note:  After you complete your first set of Karma Club Objectives and Level Up from Member to Acquaintance, you’ll be able to Volunteer in any of our outreach programs.  Learn more about it after reading the “3 Simple Steps.”



ACTION:  Learn & Share The PAK Vision & Mission:

Our Vision:  The problems of the world — climate change, terrorism, war, health issues, and overpopulation — are not going to be solved by governments, corporations or religions, but by people around the world working together as one, with a common focus that is consistent, persistent and insistent in its scope.

Our programs are designed to help everyone regardless of age, gender, race, country of origin, religion, education or income.

The Karma Constitution provides the framework for the people of the world to unite as one in order to Preserve, Protect, Nurture and Grow the Health of Our Planet and Our Global Community.

Empowered by the Karma Constitution, The Karma Club works to provide outreach and transformative actions for the common good of all.

Our Mission:  Karma Club members all over the world wake up — and on their cell phones, computers and devices — to a daily Planned Act of Kindness that they can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community.

The goal is to have millions of people doing the same thing on the same day, and unleashing that much powerful, positive energy into world. And because many problems take more than one day to effect change, we have the Cause of the Month that people can participate in as well.


ACTION:  Obtain Karma Club Sign-Ups:

Make the Ask!  Nothing happens until you invite people to join the Karma Club.  Don’t discriminate. Ask everyone you know.   Use our 5 by 5 system.

Make a contact list. Set up a spreadsheet (free with Google Sheets). Go through your phone.  But don’t limit it to just people you know well. Everyone in your sphere (family, friends, classmates, co-workers, acquaintances) should be invited into the Karma Club.

That’s why having your own set of Karma Cards are a great way to spread the word!


Again, Make the Ask!  Nothing happens until you ask.  Don’t discriminate. You may be pleasantly surprised at who is happy to contribute …

ACTION:  Obtain Funds, Products, Services, Sponsorship & Grants:

Donations are used to help fund and support the following 16 Things Community Outreach Programs:

Quality of Life:

  • Planned Acts of Kindness
  • National & International Kids’ Month Programs
  • Social Responsibility Community Clubs

Addressing Individual & Family Problems:

  • 16 Things Educational Books
  • Free 8-12 Week Better Communication & Literacy Workshops
  • Free Community Outreach Workshops
  • Establishment of Community Partnership Centers

Skill & Career Development:

  • Free Youth Learn & Earn Programs
  • Free Adult Training & Work Programs
  • Free Internship & Work Experience High School & College Programs

Cash Donations:  Simply a one time, monthly or annual basis gift.

Products:  Computers, tablets, permanent or temporary community outreach space, printing, restaurant gift certificates, coats, clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc.

Services:  Public relations, publicity, IT, web development, App development, CRM, marketing, social media, advertising space, grant writing, etc.

Activities:  Movie tickets, admission to events, attractions, museums, concerts, zoos, aquariums, gardens, lectures, seminars, etc.

Sponsorships & Grants are also welcome.  Please contact us to learn more.



Some fields where you can put your skills to use and help out:

App Development
Coaching (Sports)
Financial Services
Fund Raising
Grant Writing
Graphic Design
Human Resources
Meeting & Events
Public Relations
Social Media
Travel & Tourism
Video Production
Website Development
Workshop Presenter

The important thing is that you “Get Involved, Get Informed & Get Going!”



“16 Things” Volunteer Activities

• Create a PSA in support of our Petition Drive to have the President Declare August “National Kid’s Month!” and Post on our Facebook and YouTube Pages

• Create a “16 Things Social Responsibility Club” in your school (current or former), community, organization or business

• Can you say Telethon? Good! Let’s get it set up.

• Help create Scholarships for kids to have “Better Communication & Literacy” Workshops

• Learn to give 16 Things Education & Empowerment Workshops in Schools, Churches/Temples, NPOs, Agencies & Businesses

• Create Content for “16 Things” Shows including: ​
“16 Things TV Magazine”
“Cooking with Kids!”
“Celebrity Quest!” ​​

• Help with fund-raising, donations and/or sponsorships

• Do outreach and share our programs with people of influence: from students to educators; from politicians to business people; from clergy to coaches; and athletes, musicians, writers

• Help spread the word about our 16 Things Book Series …

• Come up with your own idea(s) and pitch us!

Name:  Planned Acts of Kindness

Subject:               Global Activism

Description:      Promote Planned Acts of Kindness, a karma driven Global Citizenship social responsibility outreach program that unites people from around the world to act for a common cause with one long-term goal … the survival of the planet.

Why:  The problems of the world — climate change, terrorism, war, health issues, and overpopulation — are not going to be solved by governments, corporations or religions, but by people around the world working together as one, with a common focus that is consistent, persistent and insistent in its scope.  The survival of the planet can be obtained if enough people around the world perform daily PAKs and participate in monthly causes with their family, friends, co-workers and community.

What To Do:      Contact “People of Influence” and ask them to:

  • Like PAK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Planned-Acts-of-Kindness-209828176247836/
  • Follow PAK on Twitter:
  • Promote PAK on their Social Media:
  • Create, Submit & Promote their own PAK Art/Video Pledge
  • Create & Submit their own suggested Daily PAK Video
  • Create, Submit & Promote their own personal PAK PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Two Elements that make a (POI) Person Of Influence:

  1. Expert in a Field or Industry (athlete, entertainment, celebrity, academic, business (CEO, president, founder), professional, political, religious, journalist)
  2. Experts with the Largest Following (Facebook, Twitter, TV, Radio, Books, Blogs, etc)

How To Do:  Step 1.  Research & Create a Spreadsheet of Contacts:

  • Download Sample Spread Sheet
  • Research POIs and include as much supporting information as possible: Name, Occupation, Company, Phone, Extension, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • You can also list Public Relations contact information because this may be the easiest way to contact Celebrities, Actors, Athletes, Musicians, Etc.

Step 2.  Modify Your Email/Talk/Post & Make It Personal